Basketball Classes in Mirdif

Basketball Classes in Mirdif

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Basketball Classes in Mirdif

Looking for healthy ways to keep your child active during the 2021/2022 school year? Book With Star got you covered! Together with our partner sports academies, we’re now able to offer multiple sports venues for kids. The best basketball classes are just one click away! Star Basketball Academy is now offering AMAZING PRICES for our registered members via our platfrom, at their venue in Uptown International School in Mirdif. Star Basketball Academy offers year-round classes for kids ages 4-16. The program is designed around fundamental basketball skills, conditioning, and individual player development. Star Basketball Academy focuses on developing quickness and agility as well as improving shooting skills through drills and games. You can view SBA full training schedule in Mirdif Above: Know more about Star Basketball Academy

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  • Qualified Basketball Coaches
  • Affordable rates for basketball classes
  • Online lessons via E-learning Academy


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